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            Brown-Campbell Company
            Brown-Campbell Company
            Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
            Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952
            Brown-Campbell is a family owned and operated company for over 60 years offering superior specialty steel and fiberglass products. We manufacture, fabricate and distribute a wide breadth of products and offer a full line of engineering and fabrication services.
            Each of our seven service centers stocks an extensive inventory offering Same Day Shipments and maintains a broad array of manufacturing equipment allowing Same Day Fabrication services.
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            Bar Grating | Brown-Campbell Company
            Perforated Metal | Brown-Campbell Company
            Pultruded Fiberglass | Brown-Campbell Company
            Molded Fiberglass | Brown-Campbell Company
            Grip Strut | Brown-Campbell Company
            Engineering Services | Brown-Campbell Company
            Our meticulous engineering staff offers a complete line of services including CAD service, drawings, complex designs and engineering take-offs.
            Custom Fabrication | Brown-Campbell Company
            Our experienced staff of expert craftsmen works from engineered detail drawings to provide the very finest fabricated products in the industry.

            ©2020 Copyright Brown-Campbell Company. All Rights Reserved.

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